Monday, 13 August 2012

Quilts, bumps and another salad

The 12 rows of the tumbling blocks are done and ready for the borders. First I trimmed the extra bits to make a straight edge along the top and bottom.

Now it is ready for the borders. 

I was going to use one of the three fabrics from the blocks but they didn't really go because all three touched the inner border at some point and made the pattern 'float' out. So Steph, her bump and I decided to go to the Cotton Tree, have a bite of lunch, and choose some inner border. 

We chose the inner border but the cafe was closed (boo hoo) so we went to the garden centre across the road. 

We came home via Mothercare and Mamas and Papas.....  How much??? Luckily they have been given a lot of things for the baby but I'm pretty shocked at the cost of things - and the amount of things those kind multi-national firms think that people 'need' for their children.

Tea tonight?  Another salad. 

Lovely fresh (bag of) leaves together with roasted butternut squash, a bit of crispy bacon, some feta and a sauteed baked potato (left over from yesterday's tea but not normally part of this recipe).  It should have had pine nuts but when I got there the cupboard was bare.  

John turned up with a bottle of bucks fizz (£2 Aldi) and a tin of rice pudding. Dined like kings we did.


  1. the tumbling blocks..and seeing "the Bump"..
    the salad is looking yummy too. I had Mexican rice with baked fish(baked all in the same dish,didn't think it would work but the fish steamed in the spices)

  2. The tumbling blocks look great. The bump looks quite happy and the salad sounds tasty too. Hope you're enjoying you're time off. X