Friday, 10 August 2012

Basking in the sun

This morning was taken up with giving the blog a bit of a face-lift.  It's a work in progress at the moment.  I have a guilt complex because it is so sunny and warm at the moment and I shouldn't be sitting indoors.  I don't like squinting in the bright sunshine and I don't like being too warm, but there was a bit of a breeze and I do need some help with the Vitamin D so I found some shade and took my little table outside.  I am working on some hexagons for a project so I took a break from the tumbling blocks.  I love the crispness of the blue and white but my soul craves deep rich colours.  

I am actually going to change the design slightly for this project (Sandra is going to be my guinea pig), so the hexagons will feature in a modified format - but more of this later.

The breeze was wafting the scents from my little herb garden.  I have some lovely pineapple sage and quite a few different thymes as well as rosemary and bay.  The  marjoram is in full frothy flower at the moment:

The lemon thyme next to it has finished but it was lovely being able to decorate dishes with the fragrant flowers.  There are a few blueberries lurking on the bush in the foreground which I have earmarked for blueberry muffins.

A  bumblebee hovered around the flowers for about half an hour.  He disappeared and came back with some friends.  I took some pictures but the camera is not good for close-ups. However I got some overtime for some weekend work we did in July so I am going to treat myself to a camera that will be able to take close up photographs with much sharper detail.  I used to have a fabulous camera back in the day when you had to load film in.  I have a picture of Will (number one son) on the beach - the picture is so sharp you can see the separate grains of sand on his fingers.

Well I'm going to sew some more tumbling blocks tonight and maybe cut the fabric for a baby strippy quilt, but not before I tuck into the pizza which John has just brought in!

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  1. Hi Brendie, after an over-stressful visit to the metrocentre trying and failing to find a decent and decently priced) case for my awkward sized camera it has been a lovely relaxing ride back down to earth reading your new blog posts. I'm looking forward to the new quilting season especially the cakes! I'm off to Prague tomorrow so will be on the lookout for some nice Czeck crafts. See you soon. K X