Sunday, 14 June 2015

A little colour and a little calm

Friday nights are my special nights for sitting in from of the telly and nodding in and out of sleep. This week was no exception.  Sometimes when you just catch little snippets of things they just stick in your mind.  I was nodding off to Mary Berry and, in one of my waking moments saw her putting some chutney into a jar.  "just jollop it in" she said.  Something stirred in my memory and I spent most of Saturday trying to think who used to use that expression.  I spent most of the day sewing some more offset squares for my colourful quilt.  I've made 57.
Actually I think I only need 40 but I got a bit carried away.  All the time I was sewing the word was nudging at my memory.  I think it may have been an uncle of mine  "slap some jollop on" when we were in the sun, or my friend's mother " take some jollop to settle your tummy".  Anyway it's my word of the week - it just keeps popping up and it sounds so good!

I had some pieces of fabric left so I had a little play about:
The big pieces are not what I would call scraps but the little triangles started life as 2" squares.  Mmm something for a later date I think.

My friend sent me a picture of a quilt she has just finished for a friend's baby
That got me thinking about a similar design but with a dark background - that would look pretty good. I've written basic instructions on my new software (loving it - Serif Affinity). It's so easy to use.  Every time I get an idea I do a quick pattern - no instructions just the basics of shape and size. So many times I see something I like then promptly forget it.

For our class this week I made some peach melba cupcakes (well nectarine melba cupcakes). Yum. There was one left when I got home on Friday night and it was more delicious on the second day. The nectarines in the cake mix were all gooey.
I saw a recipe I wanted to try for the class but decided to do an experiment this morning because I think the ladies are very patient and try all my baking even though I haven't always made things before they get them. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.  No fear with this one. We call it Lemon Love cake at school - shortbread with lemon curd on the top.  But this was nothing like the school version - oh my it was lush!
The recipe is from Once upon a Chef - she calls them Luscious Lemon Bars. It's a shortbread which is baked then topped with the ingredients for a lemon tart, then returned to the oven.  The lemon mixture seeps into the shortbread but the bottom stays crisp.  They are lovely but the recipe only make nine 2" squares.  There are three left - I took some over to John's and Steph's daddy was there.  He's a good baker himself - makes gorgeous cake. Max woke up long enough to get a drink and then went back to sleep.  Ben was so full of energy - he loves Steph's daddy who throws him about and tickles him until he begs for mercy, then says "again"

Anyway I am behind on my quilt block this week so I better get on with it. There is only one more to go before we sew them up.
After my day of colour yesterday this is the calm I needed.  I cooked the component parts for our lunch this morning (we always have Sunday lunch at 7pm or thereabouts).  Will is tucking into his now and I've realised I'm quite hungry.  So I'll go and sort some cold chicken and maybe a few jersey royals with a jollop of mayonnaise.

I hope your week ahead is full of sunshine.

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