Sunday, 7 June 2015

And Max makes Four

Last Sunday Max looked like this
and now he looks like this,
and this - ahhh little cutie - and he's modelling his cotton blanket, what a considerate boy.
Ben helped the midwife carry him to the door.
Born 3rd June at 3.29am. Actually I think new born babies look pretty gruesome but I've been told I'm not allowed to say that.  And 'little' is a misnomer - he weighed 9lbs 7oz - which seems about half Steph's own body weight.  She is sore but recovering and was back home on Friday morning. Ben's just taking it in his stride. They are all shattered, what with the constant stream of visitors and wakeful nights.  The joys of family life eh? Anyway I had a long cuddle on Friday after work and this morning but I haven't seem him awake yet.

On the 'making' front, the Durham Quilt As You Go project is progressing very nicely.  This is last week's block
And this is for next week
The light changes every time I take the pictures - it's the same fabric, a soft green, like very pale moss.

Not long before we are ready to sew these together.  I must say last Thursday night I experienced a lovely moment, watching the ladies all sitting round the tables doing what groups of people who have common creative interests do, sharing their joys and sorrows -  there was a lot of laughter this week.

We ate palmiers - my 'go-to' emergency bake.  A sheet of puff pastry from the freezer (you can make them up and freeze before baking if using fresh puff pastry).  The pastry is sprinkled on both sides with granulated sugar and rolled into the classic palmier shape.
I have been looking round for inspiration to make a Wedding Ring Table Runner for a class we hope to hold in the summer.  I have so much fabric that I need never buy another inch but you just do, don't you?  Anyway I spied some really bright Batiks, a design which I don't use very often, although funnily enough I do have some....  I decided to use these, but in the meantime saw an awesome quilt whilst browsing through other blogs.  I really can't remember where it was, also it was in pastels I think.  The upshot is that I am going to make a quilt for "Quilts for Comfort'.  I got some fat quarters and have been frantically digging through my stash to find any more that are lurking.

This little pile
turned into these blocks in a very short time.
I love the offset centre square - its' a variation on the log cabin block.  The little squares dance all over the quilt.  This is going to be a longer quilt because I understand they are short of tall boy quilts. Hopefully this will fit the bill.

What I did find when I was searching through my stash was some lovely autumnal fabric which I bought a while ago.
This is going to be for the table runner, but as I love seasonal changes to my soft furnishings I am going to make a runner from the thirties fabrics I have for Spring/Summer version and possibly a Christmas runner too if I haven't sickened myself off!  It takes ages to cut them out, let alone sew them all together.  Having just cut out one arc I'm thinking it's not a good project for a course after all.
So I'm going to make sure my weekend chores are all done before I settle down with my stitching, a small glass of something refreshing and Lewis Hamilton. (I'm such a liar - I'll rush through the things I can't get away without doing and stitch/doodle as soon as I can).

Wishing you a good week ahead.

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  1. Hi Brendie - thanks for sharing the pics of baby Max - he is a cutie. I agree that newborns look all squished up but then they do take quite a journey to come into the world! The little blanket looks lovely. Thursday's class was a good one and I loved having a laugh with the girls about life in general. The biscuits helped us put the world to rights too! Have a good week - I will see you soon. K x