Sunday, 21 June 2015

Colour therapy

I have a lot of difficulty defining my preferences for colour. Truth is, I suppose, that I don't have a favourite colour.  I am very attracted to white decor. My walls are all neutral and pale colours - I don't go for feature walls. I like the neutrals because I can make colour statements and change them at will with smaller things.  But when I make a quilt like this
my heart sings. I'll be sewing these together over the next week. 
I love my multicolour crochet blanket. I have enough to do another multi colour one this winter.  I think I'll do a waves blanket.  Colour makes you feel good inside.  My white bedroom is where I go to rest and be calm (not always at night!) but I really appreciate that lack of colour stimulus.  Sunshine and shadow. You need them both.

I called to see John this Father's Day - what did I find? Zombie parents. Ben won't sleep, Max is only two weeks old... Steph was sitting on the sofa unable to speak - she was rocking Max but I think she would have been rocking without him, John's head is hanging and he can hardly string a sentence together. Joys of parenthood. Once babies are old enough to understand I'm firmly of the mind that the parents are the boss when it comes to things like bedtime. Some little ones cause pain for a long time and some don't, but you need to go through that pain.

I've been making little traybakes this past week. I started with the lemon last Sunday, followed by Pecan caramel shortbread for the quilt class on Thursday - so many calories.....
and this afternoon White Chocolate and Raspberry Blondies.
I'm going to get a little notebook and write them all down because I forget where I have found them in these days of internet recipes or I forget how I alter them to suit me.

The last block for my Durham Quilt was stitched today whilst watching the Austrian Grand Prix.
Now they need to be trimmed to 18" and sewn together.  I'm still debating whether to do the sashing strips with the fabric used on the opposite sides or to match. I'll do a little audition.

The best colour therapy for the day was the red and blue that arrived like a whirlwind this afternoon

John decided to cook a pasta carbonara in my kitchen this afternoon.

I've just finished washing up.

I tasted the raspberry and white chocolate blondies just now.  Really too sweet and sticky - even for me. So now my colour therapy will consist of a golden, sort of lager colour. A bit of Pride and Prejudice and then I'll crawl up to my white peaceful, oh so peaceful, bedroom


  1. Your Durham quilt blocks are absolutely perfect! Just found your blog and I'm having such a lovely time catching up on all your posts xx

  2. Miss you Brendie x Congrats to Steph, John and Ben xx