Sunday, 19 July 2015

Letting the dust settle - but not on my hexagons

Probably not a good title for a blog, since mine is probably the dustiest house this side of forever. As I've said before - being shortsighted has its advantages.

I've been cutting out hexagons for a little folded patchwork bag.
Someone brought a bag into work on Friday so I haven't written a pattern but it was so lovely I wanted to make one. I just counted the number of hexagons and we'll see where it takes us! I've made similar before so it should work out.
I cut out large hexagons, then smaller ones with a matching piece of wadding. Now they are just waiting for me to sew together.  Something I will enjoy whilst quietly not watching the television. I do that more than I thought I did. 
The first one is tacked and ready to sew. However,  I really must get on with the Durham quilt which, at last count, was in the ripping apart stage.

Now school is broken up I will be able to get on with my work much better. Having pupils and staff in does stop me getting on! It also means that I can finish work when I actually should, thus having some useful sewing time left in the evening.

Ben has been here most of the weekend because his mummy and daddy have been at a wedding in Saltburn by the Sea.  We've built the same jigsaw about five times and played trains until my knees are sore with the crawling and I'm begging for mercy.
'Fiery Flynn to the Rescue' (Thomas the Tank Engine - but I don't know why Ben shuts his eyes really tight when I get the camera out.)  We've been to the park where we were 'Superman' and Fireman Sam.  Watched butterflies drinking nectar, collected eggs from underneath a rather indignant hen, fed Flossie Rabbit with dandelion leaves, made a Batmobile from Playdoh and run up and down the stairs more times than I care to mention now he is nappy free.

So now I have a cottage pie in the oven for tea and a nice pile of hexagons to sew. The dust has settled and it can wait there a little longer before I even think about getting out a duster. Actually a couple of weeks and then it will be banished, as my very house-proud friend is coming to stay for a week in August. Better clear the cupboards out too and wash the powder drawer in my washing machine.  I'm looking forward to all the trips we have planned around my beloved Northumberland.

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