Sunday, 5 July 2015

Stress out Sunday

So it's a day of rest and relaxation?  Oh no it isn't.
I was working on the Durham quilt yesterday, punctuated by a visit to the head teacher's house for a bbq.

Sewing the vertical sashing on the back
Pinning the horizontal sashing in place with the half inch finished square to match the front sashing.

I'm not very sociable so always find these works outings traumatic.  Balancing a paper plate, wondering if the meat is cooked through, warm drinks, strangers  - you get the picture.  So I didn't actually eat anything and consequently was hungry at the normal time.  I ordered a takeaway Indian Meal - which had something missing.  I popped round to John's to deliver theirs (they are more tied now by babies). I was only out about four minutes when I saw the driver outside our house.  Will was handing over the mis-delivered dish and taking delivery of the correct one. Unfortunately he gave them the wrong one - my Korma. So I had to call them back. However it was delicious when I finally sat down to eat.

The satellite dish has a fault so there was no telly last night.  I thought it might be something to do with the weather - we have had very hot days and thunder. Unfortunately it is still not working. I don't watch a huge amount of television but I do listen to it.  Of course it would happen for F1 weekend and the British Grand Prix - horror of horrors.  I couldn't get the FreeSat to work, nor the Freeview and when I tried to get something online I downloaded a virus.

To cut a long story short I also have a flat tyre, I burnt the toast (as in there were flames) the supermarket was so full of people it was making me feel giddy and I didn't get everything on my list. And then I fell asleep for most of the Grand Prix. And now my quilt looks like this:
AGRRRHHHH! So tonight I will be ripping stitches and re-sewing so that everything lines up properly. I'll be tumble drying the washing because it's not all dry despite the lovely weather. I'll have to climb over a strange little motor thing and a big air compressor which mysteriously appeared in the kitchen and seemed to have taken root. It's ok though, I don't want to go in the kitchen because it still stinks of burnt toast. Oh and my house looks like someone picked it up and shook it.

I made these on Thursday,
Strawberry tops - made with fresh cream and lashings of chocolate.  I'd love to say they were delicious but when I got home the spares had all been eaten so I have no idea what they tasted like.

Ben stayed on Friday night so I got a lot of cuddles and those precious feel good moments you get with a two year old on a voyage of discovery and wonderment.  That's the bit I intend to remember, but,  ROLL ON NEXT WEEK!

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  1. Oh Brendie, you have had a Sunday full of calamities. Deep Breath, count to ten and start again. For the record, the choc strawberry cakes were delicious but I don't think my telling you that helps the fact they were all eaten when you got home. Hope normal service resumes next week. Karen B xxx