Sunday, 9 August 2015

Bag tutorial done but list of chores still long, so very long.

So at last we have the bag done - well actually this is the little sister. 

To cut a long story short I didn't take photos when I was making the full size bag, so I decided to make a mini bag and photo it throughout the process.  In making the little bag I discovered a better way to make the handle but now do not have enough red fabric to complete the new-style handle on the big bag.  No problem, I need some of the red to do some Christmas orders (no! already) so I'll get some more on Tuesday.  So I will give the measurements for the large bag but you can make any sized hexagon - you just need to adjust the size of the handles.  You can see how to do it here or click on the tab at the top of the page.

In other news this week I have um, well um, not done much. Why do I get more done when I'm busy?  Truth be told it's not all me. The "would you mind" comes into play here. I spent Tuesday doing absolutely nothing (planned that way). I started a new book - the Girl on the Train - which sort of sucked me in. It was a really good read. I sometimes guess the end, but love the books where I'm wrong - this was one of those.  
I've done more cooking than usual.  More eating than usual.

I've written two new patterns but need some better photos before I get them ready to sell.

I spent a few hours at the Metro Centre on Wednesday, or was it Thursday? doing my annual panic buying of clothes so that I don't have to go out into the crowds any more than is totally necessary. I baked some Pear Belle Helen cupcakes on Thursday afternoon for the class. Oops none left to photo (note to self - take pictures as soon as they are done).  Karen brought me a lovely present from America - a beautiful little notebook with a magnetic clasp.

On Saturday morning I got a panic phone call because Steph was going into work and they realised that John had a client booked in for 9am.  Could I look after the boys and he would be back by 10am?

They left not long before 6pm.  

John came back about 11am but then worked on the little black car which is going in for its MOT tomorrow. Ben and Grace (next door but one and Ben's cousin once removed) ran between the two houses all afternoon.  I'm not sure where these came from
but they only had enough stalk on to go into a shot glass.  So pretty though.

Will needed an errand run this afternoon which extended from a ten minute job to a couple of hours ....are you getting the picture?

So now it's Sunday afternoon and I'm not nearly prepared for my friend who will arrive on Tuesday.  Well not so much prepared as haven't done the weekly wash, painted the banisters, put up the black out blinds, decluttered the cupboards or shopped for any food.  Apart from that everything is hunky dory. 

Tomorrow's list includes painting, cleaning windows, washing vertical blinds and fitting them with new chains and bottoms, washing curtains, clothes and cooking.  Day in the life eh! I will be sneaking in some stitching time for my next project - some sneak previews will be available next week.

If somebody could hypnotise me into saying "no" please let me know. Sadly I'll probably ignore them because Mammies are hardwired to say yes and I don't think I could live any other way and, besides, I would have nothing to complain about.  

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