Sunday, 30 August 2015

Distracted by triangles

I know I have a million things to do but this morning I just couldn't help myself.  I thought I would just have a little play with some crochet.  I bought an e-book, called Madder Triangles by Amanda Perkins yesterday, but had some trouble working through the pattern I wanted to do. It is very lopsided and has concave sides which look quite lacy

So I thought I would have a little play to make it look more even.  I don't know whether I'm reading the pattern wrong - it looks like the picture but it doesn't seem even.  In my early Sunday slot I made some different versions.
 To cut a long story short the 'early session' lasted until half past ten.
The original triangle is top left and the final version I tried is top right.  It is more rounded than the original but I like my version better. I even wrote down the instructions for using later! I don't know what it is going to be but I love the shape - a cotton blanket maybe? I've missed my crochet which has been put away for the summer and I'm looking forward to getting it out again.  I want to make a ripple blanket with the wool I have left over from the Crochet Along Blanket I made last year.

My tasks for this weekend involve pattern writing and stitching.  I worked on a border for the Durham Quilt yesterday and stitched today.
Half square triangles ready to sew - I made too many!
Flying geese and squares - along with background rectangles for stitcheries.
The patches were all sewn together and ready to add stitchery designs
I love this stage.

I've still got quite a lot to do but it is shaping up.  The pattern in written and the stitcheries are all designed.

At the class this week Karen brought her finished hexagon bag - love the colours.
and it's full of knitting - a lovely cable baby blanket.

We had chocolate orange cupcakes,
and did a lot of chatting - we even fitted in some sewing time.  Steph made a lovely little pram quilt for a friend's baby - if she hasn't finished it yet I'll try and get a picture.

The Durham Quilts are coming on apace. I'm busy designing a border for one lovely lady who has made a 4 x 3 quilt and wants it to be bigger.  She's doing an amazing job as this is her first quilting project - her stitches are so beautifully neat. She has chosen a lovely mustard coloured thread to match the back of the quilt so there is nowhere to hide uneven stitches!  She's really keen to design her own whole cloth quilt next. I just love the enthusiasm of the ladies at this class.

On a rather sad note, Ben's little rabbit was stolen from our back garden this week. 

Will put a message on social media and it looks like someone took her in a drunken state. We may get her back but I'm not holding out any hopes.

 I haven't seen Ben and Max this weekend as they've been to Christenings and rugby matches (I'm secretly loving the peace) but look forward to seeing them all tomorrow.

So, I'll be finishing off the patterns and getting ready for the start of the Autumn Term.   I've been back at work for nearly two weeks but it's a whole different ball game when the children are there!

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