Wednesday, 11 April 2018

More progress on the logo

I've been spending my early mornings productively. An hour before I go to work I fire up the computer and do a little more work on the designs.
I made a little fabric patch this morning. These are just screen shots - the elements will be clear and sharp when I've finished. I've been learning about Gaussian Blurs and Inner Glows, Brush Strokes and Shadows.

I must, however get to grips with my stitching. It's been neglected of late whilst I have been finishing my Moorland Blanket.  I was curled up in my nest on Sunday watching the F1 and doing the border.

I didn't follow the pattern exactly as I didn't like the 'sky' - I thought it didn't look right. So the lovely blues will be ready to make a little baby blanket I think. I started with the greens but went off piste a bit later on.
I used the colours in the pack but in a different order. I also made it square rather than a full bed size because I missed out the sky section.

Stretched out in its wrinkly glory - how do you 'block' a blanket I ask myself? 

So now I can carry on with my new blanket guilt free - It is so relaxing to do - no thoughts, just quiet rhythm.
How dull it is today - I can't get the photos to show their bright jewel colours properly.

I've been having a bit of a battle with a bias tape maker and some iron on bias tape. I managed to get it stuck to the iron twice and a quarter inch binding for the flower stems is very fiddly.  The trouble is I would have to make a satin stitch stem to achieve the same width and that doesn't look right.

However, the May Block is done - not one of my favourites, I rushed the colours and they are a bit bland - I think June and October are at the top of the list but you'll have to wait a bit for those.

I'm just going to the shops to get the ingredients to make a batch of Guinness Cupcakes. An experiment for the ladies at the class who are very patient with my varied bakes! The flapjack last week was very nice - maybe a bit soft, I don't think I left it in long enough and also poured the fudge sauce over the top when it was still warm so it was absorbed into the oats.
I really must allow more time to make things! It has lovely ingredients on the top
 Almonds, apricots, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.
I had to leave the end without topping as nuts make Will gag!

So, onward and upward the shopping is calling and at 11.20 I think I better get dressed!

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  1. Get you 'Mrs Computer expert'! Can I have some lessons please? ;-) It sounds like a foreign language to me but looks great. Your Moorland blanket is a joy. Well done xx