Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Part 25 of the leaky pipes saga

So another plumber has come to see if they can fix the leaky pipe. I have high hopes for this one. The boiler pressure hasn't changed since he left this morning.  There is no drip coming from the hole in the ceiling.
It started as a tiny little mark when they started a few weeks ago and quickly became a hole.  It was a Dyno-Rod plumber that came today and he told me something the British Gas engineer left out - my Homecare policy covers 're-instatement' so they will fix the hole and replaster. Funny how they omitted that bit before isn't it?  They won't be coming until 18th April but it will give us a chance to make sure the leak is fixed.

It was a strange Easter this year. I was working on the Saturday until 4pm so didn't feel the four day break like I normally get and all the days are mixed up now.  Hey ho it'll all be a distant memory soon!  Good thing is the roads are clear during school holidays.

So one of my Easter Eggs gave me a slight hangover -
I didn't realise the beer was 9% before I quaffed it. Luscious but very strong!  Will and Alex gave me a lovely little basket of eggs - they were on my little work table when I came down on Sunday morning
Not much left now though!

Alex made some luscious red bean burgers for tea on Monday and I've got a couple left in the freezer to have for my supper when I get home tonight.
They were a bit loose! They fried up nicely though and we had some sweet potato wedges with them. Very tasty - flavoured with miso paste, chilli and smoked paprika. I think they would be lovely with some salad leaves too.

I've been making caramel sauce this morning - a little topping for a seeded nutty flapjack.
 The cook's perks!
And look what I found this morning! I've been looking for them for ages.  They will be going above my utensil rack in the kitchen when they're painted. 
Sadly, I've not done much quilting this weekend.  More on the crochet because of the lack of any need for concentration
The only thing is,  I unwound the first ball from the centre and the second which I have just joined from the outside so the colours didn't blend,but I'm not really bothered in the grand scheme of things. I may get home tonight and decide to unpick it. Or I may not...

So now I must get on and work. Until next time, sweet stitching to you all.

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  1. OMG - caramel sauce - swoon! Liking the new blog design - especially the gingham flower!