Saturday, 17 March 2012

More Secret Gardens

Well the new season of F1 is upon us and I was up for the 6am start of qualifying.  I'm normally up for work then so there is no problem with the time!  What I can't understand is why I find it so interesting - lots of blokes driving round in circles, too much money and pollution, sooo noisy. But I love to watch it, whereas if you turned the football on and made me sit down I would be asleep straight away (or trying to go to sleep at least). Anyhoo.....

Four secret garden blocks

Check out the gold fabric!  Kathy Schmitz Holly Jolly Snowmen.  I was going to stick to pink centres but then I found this beautiful gold fabric lurking in my stash, so I decided to make each block different.  I love the jewel colours so much.  I haven't been as accurate as I should be in the centres because these will have buttons on. (That's my excuse anyway)

Then I started on the instructions for the Ohio Star.  Thought I'd just check for variations in my Quilt Bible and discovered the block is actually called a Sawtooth Star.  I've been calling it Ohio for years.  So next month's Mavis and Gladys block is the Sawtooth Star now.

I'm off to the Crafts House in a little while for my weekly fix. A bit of journalling I think and maybe a little more work on my BAKE letters for the kitchen.  Later I'm going to make some cake pops and watch the last games of the Six Nations Rugby.  

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