Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day

I had my quiet time rather early this morning whilst watching the Australian F1. It was worth getting up for - three brits in the top ten and two on the podium.  Whilst watching that I  finished the prep for my Sawtooth Block at the next Mavis and Gladys class.  I'm making two at the same time - one to demo the construction and one to show the finished block.  Luckily Alison makes a demo block too so that people can see different colourways and the finished effects.  It also helps them to see the block as it should be and not with my sometimes strange placements.  The blocks look fine when I'm making them but sometimes a mischievous fairy flips some of the units round when I'm not looking.

....and then did a few more rows on my crinkly jumper but I don't think I'm going to have enough yarn.  The body is knitted in one so it may be that it looks as though it's using more but there will be enough in the end.  

Next I sorted out some fabrics for the Mystery Quilt so that I could see what I'm doing instead of diving into my stash and pulling stuff out willy-nilly.  I love the jewel colours I have chosen for this.

Note to the ladies who are doing the Mystery Quilt that there is no clue in the fabrics!

A delicious breakfast of a hot cross bun and fresh coffee and then John and I went into the garden to dig.  I have always encouraged my children not to buy Mother's Day presents, especially not the sort that has a sudden price jump before the day, like cut flowers. However, the Turkish Delight from Will is not covered by this clause.  This year's present from John was the hard slog in the garden (helped by the hens who gobble up the worms -  mmm juicy worms).

The white one is Maddy and she lays beautiful pale cream eggs.  The speckled one is Miss Freckle and the black and gold one is Sam Sparrow.  They both lay dark brown eggs.  The one with the red shirt is John.

All ready for planting

We thought we had harvested all the artichokes but there's always some left -

We're having bbq chicken tonight and salad so I'll make some artichoke matchsticks in vinaigrette but I'm a bit sick of soup.  Maybe some mash although it does have some unpleasant side-effects.....

Beautiful Steph has just arrived back from visiting a friend in London.  She brought some plants and doughnuts with her.  Lovely!  

Today is a day when I remember my lovely Mummy who was everything you could ask for and more. This evening I'll be raising a glass of wine to her and all Mothers on our Special Day.  It's quarter to six and still bright and sunny although quite nippy.  It's been a good Mother's day.

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