Sunday, 11 March 2012

Stitchin' Sunday

Have had a lovely quiet day today after two hectic weeks at work. Late nights, early mornings - non stop (sound of violins in the background)  I'm a proper seasonal old bird. I wake up with the sun and nod off in the winter evenings. And my circadian rhythms are telling me that Spring is here at last - that and the daffodils.  I had only sewn a sample for this month's Mystery Quilt so here is my 'Secret Garden' square from our Mystery Quilt in it's near finished state, only the button to add.  Follow the link for a construction sequence.

Then I cast on for a new cardigan. I've been looking around for some crinkly wool for ages. I found Raffaella from Sirdar at Ring-a-Rosie a couple of weeks ago. Lots of gorgeous Fifties colours. It's knitted on circular needles (boo hoo) because it's all in one piece to the armpits! I've adapted the pattern because it had lots of bobbles and I really don't need to add extra width to my hips!  It takes ages just to knit one row.

We have beef stew and dumplings on the menu tonight (note connection with hips) but it's been so warm and sunny today we should have had a barbie.

The hens have been out in the veggie patch today clearing some of the weeds and we'll be in there next weekend weather permitting. They have gone off laying over the winter months, sometimes we were only getting half a dozen a week but they are looking rather glossy and fresh after their rest.  My thoughts are now turning to seed packets and how to connect the water barrel back up so the water doesn't disappear down the side. I'm just debating whether to move the blueberries into the main part of the garden.  They are in pots outside the back door.  I don't know whether our soil is acid enough though.  We never get enough to make a pudding because I just pick the ripe ones every time I go past.

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