Sunday, 21 July 2013

A little bit of love - it's all you need

There's tired and there's beyond tired.  When Alison and I went to our Saturday morning session 'on the Hill' I felt beyond tired. Work had been building towards the usual end of term crescendo and, as we are moving into Phase 1 of our newly refurbished school in September, we had to pack.  I have been sharing a tiny office with another (very nice) lady but it has been like Piccadilly Circus for the past year.  I suppose it could have been worse, we could have been packing the day before when the heat sucked every bit of energy from our weary bodies. On Friday there was at least a breeze, but trying to pack up your office when you still have loads of end of term stuff to finish..... 

I had a really good night's sleep so my body was recovered but my mind was a blank.  Ben came round whilst John and Steph did a few runs to the tip so Alison and I were a bit late setting out.  The house is really coming on now. The plasterer has finished, so they only have the windows, the bathroom and the kitchen to fit.  It may sound like a lot but that is the exciting stuff.

The Crafts House was bursting at the seams.  Now I'm a bit claustrophobic - not break into a sweat and panic claustrophobic - but I'm not keen on being enclosed.  Lovely Sandra steered me outside to her forecourt, brought me coffee and biscuits and a few supplies. I started cutting letters out to make one of her amazing designs. It starts as a simple block of wood. I painted a base of buttermilk paint, but not too thick, so that you could still see the grain of the wood.  Then I stuck some letters and hearts on and stamped some lettering.

By the time we left the Hill I could feel the fog lifting.  Thank you so much Sandra - you are so intuitive.

This is the finished block which is for Steph who has been away for four days with Ben for her sister's 18th birthday. I don't know who missed who the most, but it's the first time the three of them have been apart since Ben was born.

I decided I would join the Doodle-a-Day whilst the summer holidays are on.  I know I'm still at work but, as I've always argued, the job is much easier when there are no pupils!  I don't want to get everything but the kitchen sink out to do these so I'm going to give it a go with my Inktense Pencils and a couple of pens.

The little box was a present from Sandra with little journaling goodies in it, the little egg cup was from Anne at Marmalade and Catmint for our Autumn swap last year. Actually the Inktense pencils were a present from Alison so the only thing in this picture that I actually bought myself is the paintbrush.

This morning I went into the garden at my favourite time of the day.  I fed and watered the hens, then went to weed and water the leeks and onions. The carrots are starting to grow now and so is the Rainbow Chard, some of the lettuces are past their best but I haven't sown for succession so it's back to the supermarket. Heyho. It is so peaceful in the early morning.  A little bit more fog lifted. This then, is today's Doodle:

Watering the leeks and listening to bees - I need to practice with the watercolour pens though!

I had left my sewing machine on the dining table all week so I decided to finish Steph's little box.

Using the blocks as a template for the wadding and lining

Sewing the sides

Lining and box - wrong sides together and turn the tops inwards

Stitch round the top and then sew a line of stitches 1/16th" away from edges 

I saw this design at the quilt show at Sandown but there was no pattern available. I don't think it is quite the same as the one I saw. I think it had a self covered button somewhere.  I trimmed this one with ric-rac and a lovely little button from my "modest" collection (mmm, believe that if you can). I'm going to make one with my french fabric which is sitting on the table quivering with anticipation. I have some lovely plans for this fabric which I'll share as they come to fruition.

After lunch and a little snooze I got out the crochet roses and finished off the curtain tie back.

The table I use is one of those folding jobs - £8.99 from Aldi. I'm just thinking I might paint it although I will have to seal the top first.

The tie-back in situ - I suppose I better get on with the other one now!

The housework was done in small snatches in between the crafting.  We had crispy pan fried salmon with new potatoes and broccoli for tea and Will has just given me an ice lolly - bliss.

So now I'm chilled out and ready for what life throws at me.  I'm looking forward to the more leisurely pace of work during the summer break because I will be working at home for some of the time.  I'll have a week off in the middle though and plan to do some serious pattern writing.  For the moment I'm going to look in the fridge for something fizzy.  

Thank you Sandra for the TLC on Saturday - a little bit of love works wonders.

I hope the week ahead is a good one for everyone.

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  1. ..loved reading your post Brendie...Sunday evenings..i pop over hoping you have posted.
    Saturday was busy! I am going to post some pics this week of Saturday on "the hill" ,today was a lot quieter,Amy and i managed to get orders completed and time outside on the seat.
    Have a good week