Sunday, 7 July 2013

Recovering from a long week - and phew what a scorcher!

It's been a long hard week - normal for the time of year anyway but we are having major refurbishments at school so there's a lot of extra comings and goings because of that.  At the moment we are waiting for a new telephone number but for some reason the various companies involved in making this happen are not speaking to each other.  I have a load of signs and re-branding stuff to sort out but everything will have to wait for the new number. Wasn't it easier when you had one company for phones, one for gas and one for electricity?  Hey ho.  

We had our Summer Fair yesterday which went really well but the heat was energy sapping.  When I got home yesterday evening I had a cold drink and could only doze until it was time for bed.

This morning I woke up recovered enough to make a little batch of bread. Mmm.....

Don't colours look different in daylight and lamplight?

Some buns for Will's bacon butties - 

And a sunflower and pumpkin seed loaf for tea.

I got the ironing all done before it got really hot and then, because we had a surfeit of eggs I made some frittata for lunch which I served with the only fresh green thing in the house - some lettuce from the garden. 

(Note to self - go shopping before you get a vitamin deficiency).

A plate of raspberries and nectarines finished the lunch off nicely.

Unfortunately I ate a packet of Doritos and some chocolate whilst I was watching the German Grand Prix but I am going to have a storming week next week (probably).

Sadly I can't show any pictures of my crafting today because it is a surprise for someone who may read this blog.

I did however get quite a bit done last weekend.  The girls did some more blocks for the Quilts for Comfort. It's called a square in a square and is a lovely simple block.  I just handed them my bag of thirties fabric and told them to pick the colours they wanted.

Sunglasses will have to be supplied I think!

Ben came over to help with the laundry

And then we tested how hard we could hit the saucepans before we made ourselves cry.

When all was quiet I got the strippy quilt out to sandwich it together.  Drinks cartons make good weights.

This will have to wait until the weather is a bit cooler though, but I'm patient. It's the process not the product.  I'll thoroughly enjoy quilting this when the time comes.

Now I'm going to sit back with a cold drink and read one of my birthday presents:

What a thoughtful present, thank you Sandra - it is so interesting, I love the folklore attached to bees and beekeeping.  So, with the temperature dropping to a more pleasant level, the rhythmic thump of John's trainers in the washing machine and the wafting of BBQs from various points around the neighbourhood, I will finish my weekend on a gentle note.  I hope your week ahead is a happy one.


  1. How productive you were today! Ben is so adorable,its lovely seeing him bashing pots and pans,my children preferred this to "real toys"..
    I'm on a mission to finish Davids stripy quilt top this week..hope i can

  2. Your little grandson is the cutest little baby! He is growing so big and dont they just love banging things.The more noise the merrier in our house with my youngest granddaughter.
    That bread looks divine, not good when you are watching the old waistline as I am though!