Monday, 1 July 2013

Fabric overdose and other delights

How quickly does time pass?  Sometimes I feel like I get loads done and sometimes I just sit and stare into space.  The weekend of 15th June was Ben's Naming Day.  A lovely get-together with the family but not much in the way of pics at the moment.  I'll get some from my brother who had brought his camera.  I couldn't find mine but it turned up in my knitting basket (where else would you keep a camera?)  I took this one with my phone - John's best friend was toasting Ben who decided he would like to try his drink! You can't tell from the picture but Ben wouldn't let go of the bottle.

He was charming all day, scooting around in his little walker, visiting all his guests.

I gave him his memory box. Now all he has to do is fill it. I only put the finishing touches to it that morning!  The little bunny is called Bunny Ben and he  has a lot of adventures to share.  The stars on the box are part of the constellation of Libra (roughly drawn though).  My interest is in astronomy not astrology and I can hardly wait to do some stargazing with Ben.  Will, John and I spent happy hours watching shooting stars and learning about our fascinating universe when they were little.

Next day we went to the Cafe Rouge for Father's Day brunch.  

Waiting to order - I think I'll have some mush.

Last week I went to Surrey to stay with my lovely friend Karin. We went to Sandown for the quilt show and then on to her sister's house for birthday cake. We finished the day off with curry made by her husband.  On Sunday we went to visit her 92 year old mummy, Onie (short for Leonie).

What a weekend in the bosom of her lovely family.  I've known them since I was seven and they are everything you could possibly wish for.  Honest, funny, generous and loving.  Quite noisy too!  Well there are six siblings all vying to be heard.  Karin has a gorgeous garden - full of colour.

Oh did I mention I got a few pieces of fabric?

This weekend's activities will have to wait for the next post because it's nearly my bedtime. I usually read for about twenty minutes each night.  I have a queue of books at the moment, which is, of course, better than having nothing in waiting!  I'm reading a book called Catnip - very amusing.  I also listen to audio books - Winds of War by Herman Wouk is the book of choice there. Next time I have pictures of some gorgeous birthday presents, some quilting for Quilts for Comfort, and an update on the strippy quilt.

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  1. Ben is so adorable and i love his box,cant wait to see the adventures of Bunny Ben...