Thursday, 15 March 2018

Butterfly Mind - so many flowers to visit

I haven't been able to settle this week. There are so many exciting things just waiting to be made/created. I'm sitting eating my breakfast trying to still my mind and organise my time so I don't spend it flitting around like a butterfly, landing on things and flying away so quickly.

I didn't feel like quilting this weekend so I dug through my yarn piles to find something to tickle my fancy.  I can't sit doing nothing. There has to be something in my hands.  A little frisson of pleasure when I alighted on my collection of hand dyed yarns from the Natural Dye Studio (sadly now defunct)
Perfect for an afternoon playing hookey.  This is my long term project. There is no deadline because I'm making it for the pure pleasure of working with such amazing colours.  Most of the yarn is Blue Faced Leicester, but some has silk mixed in which gives a lovely twist and sheen.  The pattern I've used for the hexagons is from Sue Pinner's book 'Granny Squares' but I wanted straight edges so I could add a border.
It took a few experiments (more than shown here!) to make the half hexagon equivalent which I pencilled into the book for posterity.
I've found a fix for the other edges from Polka Dot Cottage  which I'll try this weekend. The project is 12 x 7 motifs at the moment but I will be making in 20 motifs wide and as long as I can with the available yarn.  Amanda Perkins and her daughter ran the Natural Dye Studio but stopped a couple of years ago, not long after I discovered them. She still designs gorgeous things though. 

Sorry about the dull photos - the light is naff at the moment and I'm not the best at taking pictures.

When I was looking for something to do I came across these 

which I made last year adapted from a wall quilt I made a few years ago.
I made the first three months and then flitted to another flower. So now I will come back to the mini-quilt flower and make three more! (April, May and June). The patterns are all there from the original wall quilt so it is just a case of cutting out the minis and cuddling down with a needle and thread. 

I've still go a pattern to make for a little gift bag for easter so I must settle down to that first....
I tried a little reverse appliqué but I don't think I like that.
Then I tried the little chick motif from the egg cosy and enlarged it slightly. I like that
They are about 5" high and will fit three creme eggs or some little mini eggs. 

Pop back at the weekend to see the little bunny motif and an updated egg motif.

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  1. Love those hexies. Get you making you own pattern too! There is no end to your creative talents. I love Sue Pinners patterns, and her colour combinations. Can't wait to see the finished piece. x