Thursday, 8 March 2018

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

No, not a tale of Two Cities, a tale of snow. Sitting at home in the warmth of comfort, not having to travel to work (we had to close the clinic last Thursday). What about the people that had to go to work - a big cheer and thank you for the heroes that made it, delivering food, keeping us safe, taking supplies to people stuck in their cars.

The empty shelves in the supermarket over the weekend weren't just because the delivery lorries couldn't get through.  It was a siege mentality according to one of the checkout ladies - worse than Christmas.  We actually had enough food in the house for a good couple of weeks. Granted it would have been lentils from the back of the cupboard and no fresh vegetables but we weren't going to starve. My friend's mother works in a local store and she said people were fighting over bread..... these sort of things bring out the best and worst in people.

Anyway there is a little bit of snow left where it drifted into 6 foot piles and there is a huge amount of surface water on some of the little roads into work but we are back to normal now. March - in like a Lion and out like a Lamb! (I hope)

Today I have been to the dentist, shopped for pet food and human food and back to the house before 10am. There is something to be said for 8.00am appointments on your day off.  All clear at the dentist I'm pleased to say. I was round the kitchen like a whirling dervish pulling out things and cleaning behind things. Now I'm a bit exhausted and ready to finish my little egg cosies.
 Embroidery - it's easier to do more than one at once because they are so small.
Adding little froo-froos
Sewing the loops before sewing the four layers together.
Finally cutting the excess away
After sewing the linings the four little designs complete. Just the instructions to finish off and print.
Ben came over on Sunday to play with Will.  They fed the hens and rabbit first. Ben hadn't brought his wellies so we put plastic bags over his shoes. Then they came in and played on Ben's little handheld games console
And when they got bored with that, Ben painted a jar for his Mummy
 and Will practised his yoga hand-stand - it seems to defy gravity.
It's nice to see your babies enjoying themselves!

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  1. Hi Brendie, Lovely to read about your latest adventures. Hope you are all well. Are you still going along to paint now Sandra has retired? Wish I had a little more time to squeeze everything in but we are having fun painting pebbles at home in the kitchen! B x