Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Wishing doesn't make it happen

Do you have lots of wishes? I wish I had more time. I wish I were more organised. Would I have less time to do things or more time to do things if I were organised?  Sometimes I sit and dream of all the things I want to accomplish. Sometimes it overwhelms me and sometimes I get down and do it.

This morning I was wandering around my favourite blogs and came across this lovely design.
You can find it on . With the house in chaos around me I sat happily for an hour and a half working out the design and fabric requirements.  I wish I had more time to do this kind of thing.
It strikes me as being a great design for using the scraps left from various quilts. Maybe I should make a block every time I make something. Or every time I am sitting doing nothing, wishing I could think of something quick to do. It's a simple design but has lots of points which need to meet.

If I were really organised I would have a project box which I load with 12" x 8" scraps, ready to cut and piece when the mood takes me.

If I were really organised I would wake up to a clean, tidy house every day.  I wish I did.

Do fruit flavoured Jelly Beans count in your five-a-day?  No -  (dammit too late) - wish they did!

My golden hour the other morning was spent doing the pattern for the August Mini-Quilt (you can just see the original wall quilt to the left.  That was all drawn out on a piece of scrap paper, now it's digital. I can happily tweak the design or go back to the original which you can't do when you've rubbed it out. I still draw things on a piece of paper first because my brain to computer drawing skills are still in their infancy.

Tomorrow the electricity will be off for 7 hours - from 9am to 4pm to do some essential maintenance work in the village. So baking will have to be done today:
The recipe was from Delicious Magazine  It is made with Ovaltine and the recipe is actually for two 20cm round cake tins, but mine are a bit smaller than that so I decided to make individual ones. There was enough for 18 plus a little left over which I put in my lovely oval tin (bought when I made cakes for the WI market some 35 years ago).  I'll put the frosting on tomorrow because I don't need electricity to mix that of course.

Look what I found when I wasn't looking!
Two little coasters with a lovely fabric on the back which I think I bought from a shop near Milton Keynes when John was on a course (I kept him company on the drive then went fabric shopping and wandering along a lovely canal). I got lost in Milton Keynes and was late collecting him.

So now it is time to get ready for work - I wish I could spend just a bit longer with my fabrics........

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